Anchors and anchoring.

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Postby stevebncanoe » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:57 pm

What anchors are frances owners out there using and what do you think of their relative merits ??.

WABI" , when i bought her was originally set up with a 25 lb cqr and a 25 lb fisherman. The cqr was on a nearly all chain rode of around 200 feet with the fisherman set up mainly on warp.

Liking neither anchor for my cruising area i initially swopped to a 10kg delta as my primary anchor on a warp/chain combination (10m chain and 100m m warp) and with a bruce 15kg as a "storm" anchor and a 10kg bruce as a kedge.

I have been very happy with the delta, sets well and seems to be able to deal with the bottom types i have to normally anchor on--the small bruce i have already taken off the boat as i clearly had it dragging when using it as a stern anchor when anchored fore and aft.
I have had a couple of anchoring problems :
1.The swinging circle on chain/warp in my favourite anchorage (dealt with either by using a chum or more recently by setting a bahamnian moor)
2.My bruce anchor clearly dragging in quite benign conditions ie plenty of rode (6:1 on chain and warp), mud bottom where a delta was holding easily .

I am now doubtfull about the 15kg bruce as my storm anchor and am thinking about replacing with a more modern shape like the rocna or spade.

la luz
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Postby la luz » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:56 pm

la luz has a 35 delta on 30meters of 5/16" chain spliced to 60 meters of 5/8" three strand nylon as main anchor.
an additional 20 meters of chain lives in the bilge. for deeper anchorages i attach the chain with a chain link connector.
kedge/stern anchor is a 22 lb delta with 8 meters of chain, 60 meters of 1/2" warp.
also carry a big aluminum fortress anchor in the cockpit locker...

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Postby stevebncanoe » Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:59 am

Just a quick update on this. During the autumn i had 2 bad anchoring experiences :during a difficult wind against tide anchorage my 10kg bruce set as a stern anchor (fore and aft moor) dragged really easily in dense mud --then when reverting to a single anchor i bumped with another boat in the middle of the night (i anchored first but had a big swinging circle)--no major damage thankfully.

1 have since tossed the bruce 10kg and have been carrying 2 delta 10kg anchors which seem to be a lot more relaible. I have had very good experiences now with setting up a bahamian moor on the 2 deltas in the same setting where the ore and aft just didnt work s that is now a regular tactic.
i dont have a conventional bow roller at the moment but delpoy the chain and warp through a large stainless steel thimble which is on a lashing at bowsprit end--anchor normally lives on chocks at aft end of foredeck well.
Part of this winter re-fit will be to set up 2 delta stowages in the foredeck well.

Other thing that seemed to help when cruising on the busy south coast during the summer was to send a chum down the rode--the boat came with a useful 20lb weight which works like magic.

Thinking now of investing in a 15kg take apart rocna as the storm hook.

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Re: Anchors and anchoring.

Postby dgibbons » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:26 pm

Hi All,
I have been working to ready my Victoria Frances (Malish) for cruising and have anchor questions. She came with a 35# CQR which is too much for a senior sailor to haul. I have been given a 22# S-L Delta which is a great anchor, but I cannot see how to stow and deploy it. The bowsprit does not have a cheek roller and the bow roller just to the side of the bowsprit is of little value with the extreme curve of the shank. The bow pulpit means that if I stow it somehow on the foredeck, the chain rode will have to ride over the pulpit.
Any place that sells a cheek roller I could attach to the bowsprit?

Any ideas


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Re: Anchors and anchoring.

Postby itchen » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:07 am

Hello Dennis,

I have a dual cheek mounted bow roller. I use the 25lb CQR for the most part. I have a small Delta if conditions are not suitable for the plow.
The attached photo is not great but you can see the starboard roller visible. The CQR is on port side. I am not certain but I think this is one
from the Port Townsend Foundry in WA. They are not cheap ( cast bronze ) but they are quality. I have also attached a photo from their
website which shows a similar roller.

I will send via your email as I cannot load pictures here.

SV Seabird

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