2 Things: reefing and fwd hatch

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2 Things: reefing and fwd hatch

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Posted this in Owners’ section. Wrong I guess.

I’ve recently been blessed to steward a beautiful F26. Not to disparage her, but I’ve two urgent tasks:
1. The forward hatch leaks I think under the deck flange and through the hatch and flange in a seaway. Have any of you a gasket between hatch and flange? As for the deck leak, I know the ultimate fix. Lots of bung and screw removal.
2. Slab reefing: I’m curious about your setups. The boat has new sails with cringles and reef points, but no hardware. Harken has good solutions. I don’t want lines led back to cockpit.
Thanks in advance for your input.

PS: don’t hang me, but I have thought of a new teak deck flange and “bomar- style” forward hatch. I’ve notions of off shore work in the future. All talk for now though.
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