Not a frances, but may be of interest: Carol

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Not a frances, but may be of interest: Carol

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I know that this is a Frances forum, but thought folks might be interested in her close sister. We were lucky enough to find a cold-molded Carol (a 24'4" Frances) on Lopez Island this last summer. I'm in the midst of getting her back into shape, and just started a blog to keep tabs on progress.

I grew up on Lissome, a Morris Frances that we cruised in the NW and points north, and which my parents sailed to New Zealand and Australia. I've always loved the design of the Frances, but am excited to sail the Carol and learn a slightly different boat.

On a separate note, our rigger mentioned a Frances that is abandoned in Portland, OR behind a boat shop at Jantzen Beach / Hayden Island. I plan to ask him about it when I pick up rigging next week, but was wondering if anyone knew anything about it? I'll report what I can learn and see if I can find it to get pictures.
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