I purchased Danska last Fall and I've got a lot of work ahead of me in order to get her back on the water. Her hull is solid but the deck and most of her interior needs to be replaced. I'm slowly tearing her down so I can build her back up.

The first project I tackled was to drill a hole in her so she would stop filling up with water.

She's Hull # 6 and built in 1976 flush deck, no bowsprit with an inboard Yanmar 10hp. Currently located in my backyard here in New Jersey.

Originally, I was looking for a Chuck Paine Bahama Sandpiper but when the opportunity to purchase Danska unexpectedly came along (from posts on your forum) i couldn't pass it up. In fact, I had the opportunity to purchase one of two Frances'. Danska in Croydon-on-the-Hudson and a Victoria 26 (now Tula) out on Long Island.

Indeed, Danska was nearly ready for the chainsaw but she had good bones and I could never have afforded her otherwise. Her current owner could no longer take care of her and I think he said "what the heck and basically gave her to me.

Danska was a stock Morris boat and the Victoria appeared to have been an owner completed kit hull. Both needed massive rebuilding but in the end I chose the pedigree Morris boat. Despite the fact that I thought the Victoria may have had a more solid hull (thump test), she was not factory finished and had a cabin roof. I decided that the Morris hull's flush deck and factory construction would be easier to replicate and replace. With the Victoria, I would be starting from scratch without any templates... Only time will tell.

At one point I did consider buying both boats just to put the two together; equipment-wise. What Danska lacked the Victoria had and vise versa. From a cost perspective that would have been a very prudent move but I don't think my neighbors would have appreciated me having two project boats in the yard. I also doubted that I could have brought myself to scrap one of the hulls.

Pictures of the Victoria are below.

The Victoria Frances 26 (restored, now Tula)