Victoria Marine Trunk Cabin Sloop

On your request follows pictures of my Frances 26, fractional sloop rig, “Defiant” (The former owner named the boat after Lord Nelsons flagship from the battle of Trafalgar).

As you can see from one of the fotos we have the most wonderfull shore here in Norway, Kristiansand (just 30cm tide), but a short summer (season); therefore I have the boat on land from October to Mai. Last summer I sailed Defiant the Skagerak tour: Kristiansand-Skagen-Gøteborg-Strømstad-Risør-Kristiansand.

And then from the "former owner":

Ahoy there,

I'm the first owner of "Defiant" and please, please forget the Lord Nelson and Trafalgar story... it should have been called the Victory then!

I named the boat "Defiant" after Drake's last boat he went to harass the Spanish on the Spanish Main. I understand Drake also died on his "Defiant" slung between the round shot in Nombre Dios Bay as Sir Henry Newbolt tells us.

Also my mother was a Plymouth girl, and I was christened in the church Drake was married in.

As an 8 year old I was totally captivated by the Amarada story when told in the history lesson at school, to the extent I painted a rather detailed battle scene of sailing ships of the time in close action. The fact that I had blood pouring out of the Spanish gun ports disturbed the Head mistress so much I was called into her office and told never to depict such awful scenes again or she would have to order me to see the psychiatrist! To which I replied "But it is how the battle was described during the history lesson Miss." The retort shot back by the head mistress was, DON' T BE IMPERTINENT BOY!"

For me it seemed an excellent name for a boat that on several occasion had carried me through some rough weather... it was/is a tough boat with good sea keeping qualities... I loved her... still love her...

If you can possibly amend the story why that France 26 got the name "Defiant" I would appreciate it very much... as an English man I would never mix up my Drake with my Nelson, or my "Defiant" with my "Victory"!

Best regards.