I have owned my Victoria Frances 26 since 1986. She is a 1982 built for the 1983 London Boat Show.  Supposedly, Chuck Pain himself came to finish the interior for the show. Doing the math, I have owned her for 27 of her 31 years and have gone about 14,000 nm mostly day sailing in New England waters and on the ICW in Florida.

 She sports an antique boat decal from the state of Florida because she is over 30.  Her original name was Sintram III and came over from England as such.  In my travels on the water I have seen and/or been on Soleil, Heartbreaker, Aurora, (Pearla/Blueberry) Seabird and not on your list Weetamoe, Georgia, Perigrine, Skimmer and Sweet Paradee (another Victoria Frances).  She really does not have any horns, bells, whistles or even shore power!

 However she is the best basic boat anyone can have.  I have crashed thru Buzzards Bay with opposing wind and current in 4 to 6' seas having a ball.  99% of the time I single hand her and almost prefer it that way.  Both of my late husbands put up with me and "my baby"!

It was by accident we found her in Hingham, MA waiting for the October day to warm so we could sail Boston Harbor in our 20' Able. I have bought our two boats with $100 of grocery money from my wallet and did not test sail either one!  However, both did NOT disappoint.  My 'mystique' still turns heads and I always find myself saying, "yes, I am by myself"!  It will be a sad day when I cannot single hand but at 68 I am still going strong.